More holes, more steroids.

I was called by my oncologist ‘s office last week, and had to go in.  I was hoping this meant a change in approach.  Instead, it was three hours of driving for another prescription for prednisone.  These are feeling like wasted trips at this point.  While the prednisone keeps the masses from getting huge before they burst, they still happen, and they still burst.  I currently have two open holes in my breast, both of which have been deeper than the previous ones.  There is another mass developing on the other side, so that will be next.   The doctor said there are 15-20 ducts in each breast, so this could be a very long journey as the disease works it’s way through all of them. 

I’ve been hiking, running and walking a lot lately, and the pain is no joke. It’s actually worse when hiking or walking, since I’m out longer doing those than out for a run.  Sports bras are a mixed bag, since the pressure of it keeps me in place, but that same pressure is sometimes almost unbearable on the affected breast.  I can always tell how bad it will be by how much it hurts to put the bra on in the first place.  Sometimes that means I end up walking on the treadmill instead of outdoors running. 

I’ve been duagnosed with Hashimotos hypothyroidism by one doctor, referred to my GP about it, and she refused to put me on synthroid.  The prednisone weight gain is out of control, no matter how active i am, but she disagrees with what my other doctor sees in my bloodwork.  The other doctor is not comfortable prescribing the synthroid but made the connection to hypothyroidism, which she thinks is obvious in the bloodwork results.  It’s incredibly frustrating, and out of my control.  We are moving in the spring and will be finding new doctors for everyone anyway.  

Time is passing very slowly right now, waiting to move, getting less than stellar medical treatment, finishing up school… It’s going to be a long couple of months.


Author: runswithigm

Mom, wife, student, runner, exploding breast.

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