Yesterday my breast exploded again.

WARNING! Unapologettically gross and accurate description.
A large mass erupted in a spectacular fashion, right in front of my eyes.  It went from pink to bright, angry red to black over two days.  It had been getting bigger and hurting more, but then it escalated so fast.  It hurt like hell, taking my breath away, and then suddenly there was blood and pus pouring from my chest.  It still hurts, and each time I feel like I’m going to pass out, I know a new section is opening up.  Each bit is it’s own little nightmare, opening up like a yawn, but releasing all of the gunk that it has been collecting and growning for weeks. 

I saw my breast surgeon last week, and all she did was put me back on prednisone.  No mention of surgery, no other ideas.  Just more of the same. Warm compressed and steroids.  Meanwhile I’ve been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s hypothyroidism by another doctor, so I’m hoping for some relief, and maybe an end to the weight gain.  Since IGM is often secondary to another autoimmune disease, fixing my thyroid might actually help with it as well.  

I’m so tired of the seemingly endless cycles of pain, swelling, drainage, and healing. If I don’t get help otherwise, I believe in going to have to go through this until all of my ducts have been affected.  That is an unacceptable answer to me, if there is other treatment available.  Why not just remove the ducts?? Am I crazy to think that would make srnse? No ducts, nowhere for the disease to go.  Right??


Author: runswithigm

Mom, wife, student, runner, exploding breast.

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