Prednisone- friend or foe?

After my IGM  diagnosis, I was put on prednisone for 10 days.  Then another 10 days.  Then another… Each time starting at 40mg, tapering down to 10mg.  I was initially given prednisone for the severe allegic reaction I had to the sulfa antibiotic they gave me, and it turned out, it took down the I inflammation in my breast.  

After being completely blown off by a surgeon back home, and storming into the office to get my paperwork, resulting in me showing the nurse my about to burst mass that the doctor was ignoring….  I ended up 90 minutes from home with a surgeon who knows her stuff.  She put me back on the prednisone, but this time at40mg for 10 days, then30, then more 30, then20 for over a month, finally down to 10.  It was effective, but I’ve broken 2 bones while on out, because it we amend them.  I’ve also gained about30 poinds.  My face looks an overinflated balloon.  I supposed to be walking rather than running, which would be fine if i didn’t WANT to run so badly.  

Being on antibiotics and a  steroid has left me without much of an immune system during one of the worse flu seasons in recent history.  Alarming, at brst.  I wear a mask now when i leave the house, and even in the house since our son is sick.  I’m stressed out beyond belief over feeling so out of control.

I was off the prednisone for about 2 weeks before more masses started.  Now i have 5, and see the surgeon tomorrow.  At this point I’m petty sure we need to discuss surgery to remove the ducts, since this was all expected to be over by now.  Tomorrow was supposed to be a simple follow up to make sure I was doing well and that the masses were gone, that the sounds bad healed well.  Now I’m kind of freaked out.  It is incredibly painful to have these masses growing, and they will soon be opening up, creating a completely different nightmare.  All I want is some relief, and to feel normal again.  I know that’s a lot to ask, and nearly impossible since i now also have thyroid modules and will be getting a full workup for Hashimotos as well.  Never a dull moment!!


Author: runswithigm

Mom, wife, student, runner, exploding breast.

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